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January 01, 1990 - August 01, 2013 + The Score

Cuba Heartache listen Download
Hello, everybody. It's been a while. While I was down in Key West over the summer and into the fall, pursuing my lifelong Extreme Dream...

Diana Nyad's Dream: A Dream Postponed listen Download
Diana Nyad joins Matt Holzman back in the KCRW studios for a look at her big dream and her hopes for the future...

Diana Nyad's Dream, Part 12 listen Download
Will Paula keep Diana from her dream?

Diana Nyad's Dream, Part 11 listen Download
  Will uncooperative temperatures throw cold water on Diana's dream?

Diana Nyad's Dream, Part 10 listen Download
After a year of preparation and arrangements, is the dream fading? With the weather and temperature uncooperative, is today the calm before the storm?

Diana Nyad's Dream, Part 9 listen Download
Diana learns patience as she waits out the weather and Cuban bureaucracy in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Diana Nyad's Dream, Part 8 listen Download
Weather and bureaucracy continue to frustrate Diana, who has celebrated her 61st birthday with her crew. Must an alternate plan – a swim of an...

Diana Nyad's Dream, Part 7 listen Download
In Key West, Diana and 37 experts from around the world await word from Cuba.

Diana Nyad's Dream, Part 6 listen Download
Will a little slip of paper capsize Diana dream of swimming from Cuba to Florida?

Diana Nyad's Dream, Part 5 listen Download

Diana Nyad's Dream, Part 4 listen Download
Diana discusses conditioning, visas and home-remedies for encounters with marine life.

Diana Nyad's Dream, Part 3 listen Download
Matt offers an update on Diana Nyad, who continues preparations for her Florida-Cuba swim. Despite a personal tragedy, she is buoyed by successes, both political...

Diana Nyad's Dream, Part 2 listen Download
A fit, tanned Dian Nyad discusses last week's 24-hour test swim, the challenge of securing permits, licenses and much needed funds. She also sings the...

Diana Nyad's Dream, Part 1 listen Download
While Diana Nyad is deeply involved in preparations for her current expedition, in lieu of her regular commentary she will doing weekly Q&A updates with...

24 Tough Hours listen Download
Think of me this Saturday morning, in the early dawn hours, if you will. I'll be somewhere out in the ocean, about 45 miles south...