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January 01, 1990 - January 05, 2013 + Tom Schnabel's Rhythm Planet

Alan Pasqua listen
Jazz pianist and composer Alan Pasqua pays tribute to his teacher and mentor, the late Jaki Byard, on Cafe LA.

Jonathan Elias listen
Tom speaks with Jonathan Elias, composer of the "Prayer Cycle", featuring Alanis Morrisette, the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Ofra Haza, Perry Farrell and others.

John Koenig listen
Tom interviews John Koenig, producer of Bluesmaster Jimmy Roger's last album "Blues Blues Blues" which features Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Jimmy Page and others.

Jesus Alemany listen
Jesus Alemany, trumpeter and lead man for the group Cubanismo, comes in for a quick interview and brings us up to date on the band.

Peter Erskine listen
Tom speaks with Peter Erskine, one of the finest and most in-demand drummers in the world. Together they debut Peter's new ECM release, "Juni"....

John Beasly listen
An all-star jazz group fronted by John Beasly performs live on Cafe LA, showcasing new songs and jazz classics in an impromptu performance.

Andy Bey listen
Andy Bey's 1996 release "Ballads, Blues & Bey" marked the singer/pianist's return to recording after a twenty-two year absence. Fortunately, we didn't have to...

Vas listen

Ghazal listen
Ghazal is a group of Persian and Indian musicians who fuse together the tradition of Ghazal, the slow, sensual and serene music that was brought...

Angelique Kidjo listen
Benin's most famous singer / songwriter / diva, Angelique Kidjo shares her music and thoughts -- she can be quite opinionated -- in an impromptu...

Kenny Werner listen
Kenny Werner Trio, plays with bassist Dave Carpenter and drummer Mark Furber. Kenny plays jazz standards as well as original compositions, and talks about music,...

Orlando 'Maraca' Valle listen
Orlando 'Maraca' Valle is the leader of Maraca, one of Cuba's finest contemporary salsa groups. He is a classically-trained flute virtuoso and leader of a...

Omar Faruk Tekbilek
Tom Schnabel talks to Turkish virtuoso Omar Faruk Tekbilek whose music ranges from Sufi to great Turkish classical Music. He shares his music,...

Waldemar Bastos listen
Tom Schnabel interviews the fine Angolan artist, Waldemar Bastos. Bastos shares his some of the usual music coming from the former Portuguese African colony.

Donald Cohen listen
Experience a revealing glimpse of Portugal's cultural treasure, fado. Donald Cohen, lusaphile and fado expert, presents great fado of past and present, with all the...