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January 01, 1990 - January 20, 2013 + On the Beat

Why The Music Business Needs Public Radio listen
I live in New York City, the city that never fails to surprise me. Just this morning, while taking a cab, the taxi driver turned...

Arbitrary Arbitron listen
We live in the most technologically advanced age in history. With new discoveries knocking on our door daily, it's clear that we need to continually...

Every Jack, Dave, and Bob listen

The Fifth Annual Non-Commercial Radio Conference listen
This past week, I attended the fifth annual Non-Commercial Radio Conference, held in Philadelphia. The conference is a closed door event for professionals who work in a...

Turning the Tables listen

How to Book Huge Profits in Just Fourteen Months! listen

Radio for Everyman listen

Coachella and Glastonbury listen

Changing Lanes in a Static World - Music Retail Tries to Find its Level listen

A New Pair Of Glasses for the New Business Model listen

The Revolution is Now - Part Two listen

The Revolution is Now listen

House Concerts listen

All The Way Live listen

Where are the Scales of Justice? listen