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January 01, 1990 - January 23, 2013 + Hollywood Breakdown

Upfronts Upshot listen Download
Kim and John talk about the highs and lows of the television upfronts...

Hollywood, Gay Rights and Obama listen Download
Although tonight’s $40,000 a plate fundraiser is sold-out, President Barack Obama’s public support of gay marriage has galvanized Hollywood donors.

Murdoch Unfit to Run NewsCorp listen Download
Kim and John discuss the report issued by the U.K. parliament's Culture, Media and Sport Committee on NewsCorp that deemed Rupert Murdoch "unfit" to run...

Bribery Scandals Abound listen Download
The latest in the News Corp scandal in the UK, and the SEC looking at whether Hollywood studios possibility used bribes to gain access to...

Hollywood Makes Inroads in China listen Download
The Chinese-Hollywood connection gains another dimension. Disney's Marvel will co-produce "Iron Man 3" with a Chinese production company.

Gary Ross Will Not Direct 'Hunger Games' Sequel listen Download
Kim and John discuss how "Hunger Games" director Gary Ross with not be back to direct the sequel, "Catching Fire."

'Titanic' Returns to Theaters listen Download
James Cameron has retrofitted his blockbuster film "Titanic" into a 3D version. He and Paramount are poised to make a bundle on the international market.

'Bully' Will Be Released Unrated listen Download
Kim and John discuss the decision by the Weinstein Company to release the documentary film, Bully, unrated rather than use the R-rating that the MPAA...

MPAA Report on Global Box Office listen Download
Kim and John discuss the MPAA's newly released report, "2011 Theatrical Market Statistics" on the latest box office and movie attendance trends.

The Cancellation of HBO's 'Luck' listen Download

Steven Spielberg's Very Bad Week listen Download
Steven Spielberg is not having a good week. Three of his TV series are in trouble and his forthcoming movie is generating "tepid interest" at...

Oscars Post-Mortem listen Download
Reflections on the lackluster vibe of the Oscars and banter over what the Academy could or would be willing to do to make the telecast...

Oscar Voters and The Nominees listen Download
A recent LA Times article on the Motion Picture Academy raises questions on how its demographics could affect the films that get recognized by the...

How Hollywood Handles Its Stars listen Download
In the wake of Whitney Houston's death, Kim and John banter about the way some stars are surrounded by people who don't have their well-being...

Box Office Numbers Up listen Download
Movie theater box office numbers are up and Hollywood is hopeful that, like the economy, it's showing signs of life. So far this year there...