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January 01, 1990 - January 28, 2013 + Bookworm

Rick Moody listen Download
The Ring of Brightest Angels Around Heaven (Little Brown) A conversation with Rick Moody about the literary values of Generation X.

Kaye Gibbons listen Download
Kaye Gibbons Sights Unseen (Putnam) A child searches for its mother in three of Kaye Gibbon's novels. What is the significance of these quests?

Jay Gummerman listen Download
Jay Gummerman Chez Chance (Pantheon) Gummerman speaks about the lives of the disenfranchised dreamers in this, his first novel.

Mary Karr listen Download
The Liar's Club The award-winning poet discusses the structure of her autobiography. Does her poet---s ear affect the telling of a life?

Ann Beattie listen Download
Another You is Ann Beattie's richest, most-complex novel to date...

Rikki Ducornet listen Download
Phosphor in Dreamland An exploration of the underside of fantasy: its politics, psycho-sexual elements and its internal geography.

Helena Maria Viramontes listen Download
Under the Feet of Jesus Viramontes talks about the Latina writer's obligation to choose art and truth over political correctness.

Sherman Alexie listen Download
Reservation Blues The hip young novelist on his desire for fame, accessibility and rock stardom.

Stephen Dixon listen Download
Interstate An interview about emotion in fiction. Dixon discusses his Dostoyevskyan ambition to render his complex extremity of feeling about the death of a...

Michael Ryan listen Download
Secret Life The poet discusses the difficulties of writing accurately and artistically about his ongoing recovery from sexually obsessive behavior.

Mark Helprin listen Download
Memoir from Antproof Case   Mark Helprin on the legacy of fathers...

Peter Ackroyd listen Download
The Trial of Elizabeth Cree Penny-dreadfuls, transvestitism, the English Opium Eater, Thomas de Quincey and Grand Guignol are touched on in this conversation about...

Richard Ford listen Download
Independence Day In this conversation about one novelist's development, Richard Ford describes the emotional confidence he needed to complete his break-through novel.

Ana Castillo listen Download
My Father Was a Toltec The barriers of language, ethnicity, class and gender: the challenges faced by a Latina writer.

Betty Comden listen Download
Off Stage Betty Comden who, with Adolph Green, his written for some of the theater's great clowns--Phil Silvers, Bert Lahr, Judy Holliday, Rosalind Russell, Nancy...