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January 01, 1990 - January 28, 2013 + The Business

Oscar for Arkin? Star-Producing Partners listen
This week, Alan Arkin was nominated for an academy award for his first feature film in 1966. Forty years later, there's Oscar buzz about his...

Executive Pay; $1.6 Billion for YouTube listen
It's a big-money edition of The Business. In a world where video-sharing site YouTube sells for $1.6 billion and Fox President Peter Chernin is paid...

Zune vs iPod; Investing in Hollywood listen
Can Microsoft's new Zune media player challenge Apple's digital download hegemony?  Plus, fear not! Jackass Number 2 isn't the end of cinema as we know...

A Killer Life; Telenovelas listen
TV soap operas known as telenovelas are wildly popular all over the world, but how will they play in English here in the States? Plus,...

Are Reality Producers Writers?; Make-up Is Hard to Do listen
A dozen reality TV producers go on strike and threaten to change the balance of power between all TV writers and the networks they work...

The Ragin' Cajun Comes to Hollywood listen
Ragin' Cajun James Carville comes to Hollywood to produce his first movie. 

Did Web Fail 'Snakes on a Plane'?; Bulking Up the Virgin Way listen
Snakes on a Plane generated more online attention than any movie since The Blair Witch Project.  So why didn't that translate into huge box office? ...

Film Composers Keep Their Composure listen
This week, the few, the proud, the film composers.

Writing Partnerships...with 'The Mikes!' listen
The benefits and pitfalls of creative collaboration.

Hollywood Asks, "What's the Matter with Kids Today?" listen
They used to go to movies. Now what are they doing?

Hollywood Lions Throw Themselves to the Christians listen Download
The studio lions throw themselves to the Christians. We hear how -- and why -- in a conversation with Jonathan Bock, to the man...

Disney Shake-up; YouTube and the Boob Tube Strike a Deal listen
The surprising start to a beautiful relationship between a TV network and a wildly popular home-video website.

Making TV for Fun and Profit---Fiasco! listen
We'll show you why some disaffected television writers are crashing the network-TV party and making their own TV pilots.

Rob Zombie's Back; Gunman to the Movies listen
This week, it's horror and guns on The Business! Death rocker Rob Zombie gets another chance to freak out the MPAA with a remake...

A Product Integration Spectacular! listen
Will slipping products into the storylines of your favorite TV programs save the networks or kill TV as we know it? We ask Madison Road...