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January 01, 1990 - January 31, 2013 + The Moth Radio Hour


The Moth Radio Hour 1304
A psychologist is at a loss for words when a patient's cancer returns; the value of an transistor radio to an inmate; and an undertaker...

The Moth Radio Hour 1210
George Plimpton and the auction winner; reporter Lewis Lapham’s life lesson; boxer Jose Torres conquers fear; Christopher Hitchens deified.

The Moth Radio Hour 1208
Walter Mosley on the power of language; an artist connects with her father; a harrowing rape and search for stability; a long wait for the...

The Moth Radio Hour 1206
This special live edition, "Moth Eaten: Adventures in Food," features author Adam Gopnik, celebrity chef David Chang, and comedian Lisa Lampanelli.

The Moth Radio Hour 605
One of the Blue Man Group connects with an audience member; Rachel Dratch meets a possible Mr. Right; a neuroscientist IDs patterns in the brains...

The Moth Radio Hour 604
A bar mitzvah becomes a family battle ground; literary pilgrims search for Paul Bowles in Morocco; a novelist tries to cure her writer's block by...

The Moth Radio Hour 603
Amateur detectives crack a case; a librarian takes a dance class; a father and son come to terms; a grandson brings joy to a nursing...

The Moth Radio Hour 602
A major literary scandal; credit card fraud sets an amateur sleuth on a crime-solving caper; and a soldier on his third tour of duty finds...

The Moth Radio Hour 601
A special live edition of The Moth's collaboration with the World Science Festival.

The Moth Radio Hour 505
A jazz bassist is put to the test by his idol, a down and out comic considers ending it all, and a New York writer...

The Moth Radio Hour 504
A secret heritage, a sobered sailor, and an author's unsupportive mother on her death bed.

Moth Radio Hour 503
This week, a shocking secret, a loss of innocence, redefining the pecking order, and the upside of punishment...

The Moth Radio Hour 502
The accident that cost a hiker his legs, making Al Gore funny, and a student with a death wish finds love.

The Moth Radio Hour 501
A father-son relationship redefined, foolproofing a first romantic encounter, and Walter Mosley yearns to hear, "I love you" from his mother.