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January 01, 1990 - February 22, 2013 + Film Reviews

Antitrust; Save the Last Dance listen

Top 10 of 2000 listen

Traffic; 13 Days listen

Cast Away; Before Night Falls; Finding Forester; listen
Stat & Main; Oh Brother Where Art Thou

What Women Want; Chocolat listen

You Can Count On Me; Men of Honor; Red Planet listen

Charlie's Angels; Bagger Vance listen

A Room for Romeo Brass; Lucky Numbers; listen
Venus Beauty Institute

Pay It Forward; The Yards; Bedazzled listen

Dr. T and the Women; Billy Elliot; The Contender listen

Meet the Parents; Bamboozled; Tigerland listen

Remember the Titans; Girlfight listen

Woman on Top; Under Suspicion listen

Almost Famous listen

Nurse Betty; The Way of the Gun listen