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January 01, 1990 - February 26, 2013 + Good Food

History of the Date; Blood Sausage; Grant Achatz listen Download
This week, the history of the date, acclaimed chef Grant Achatz, and deciphering wine labels....

PieCast: Roxana Jullapat's Retro Chocolate Silk Pie listen Download
Pastry Chef Roxana Jullapat of Ammo Cafe in Hollywood shares her recipe for Chocolate Silk Pie.

Eating in Ancient Rome; Trufflepalooza; Carnivorous Plants listen Download
Find out how the Ancient Romans ate. Plus, 13 ways to eat truffles and Jonathan Gold reviews El Bulli...

PieCast: Smoked Potato Pie listen Download
Alex Reznik is the chef at La Seine in Beverly Hills.  He shares his recipe for Smoked Potato Pie.

Fracking and Food; Papaya King in LA; Afghan Cuisine listen Download
We explore how fracking affects our food supply, and eat at Papaya King, the latest New York transplant to hit the West Coast....

PieCast: Momofuku's Crack Pie listen Download
Christina Tosi of Momofuku and Milk Bar shares her recipe for Crack Pie.

Figs; The Young Julia Child; Chasing Chiles listen Download
This week Julia Child before she was Julia, what to do with figs, and Jonathan Gold takes us to the best restaurant in the world.

PieCast: Adam Richman's Favorite Pie listen Download
Adam Richman of Man vs. Food Nation shares memories of his favorite pies.

Summer Travel; Homemade Ice Cream; Blenheim Apricots listen Download
We're hitting the road for Independence Day weekend. Eat with us in Bogota, Vietnam, Rome and more.  

PieCast: Apple Pie from The Bakeoff listen Download
Beth Kendrick, avid baker and author of the novel, “The Bake-Off," shares the recipe for apple pie from her novel.

Grunion Run; Cheese in China; Eggs for Dinner listen Download
This week, running with the California grunion, eating cheese in China, Hidalgo's version of Haggis and having eggs for dinner.

PieCast: Shaker Lemon Pie listen Download
Kate McDermott is Art of The Pie in Seattle, Washington. Kate was featured in Seattle Magazine’s Best of 2010 and teaches many Pie Baking Workshops and Classes.

Father's Day BBQ; Mongolian Food; Challenging McDonald's listen Download
Father's Day grilling ideas, how a group of nuns are challenging McDonald's, and a taste of Mongolian food.

PieCast: Yotam Ottolenghi's Garlic Tart listen Download
Yotam Ottolenghi owns a number of casual dining restaurants in London.  He shares his recipe for a Carmelized Garlic tart.

The Tomato; Hunger in America; Beef Tendon listen Download
This week, a look at hunger in America, coffee alternatives and our complicated relationship with the tomato.