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January 01, 1990 - February 26, 2013 + Hollywood Breakdown


The Oscars Are (Finally) Here listen Download
Kim and John weigh in on what's been a lengthy, expensive Oscar campaign season. They also discuss the Academy's play to bring younger audiences to...

VFX Business in Trouble listen Download
Troubles in the VFX business.

Sundance Sales Were Sailing listen Download
John Horn, freshly back from the Sundance Film Festival, talks with Kim about the state of the film market there.

The Gun Debate and Hollywood listen Download
While the country engages around the gun debate and what to do about gun violence some in Hollywood are getting self-reflective while others are deflecting....

2012's Big Box Office and the Oscar E-Voting Snafu listen Download
Last year ended with lots of people having gone to the movies. Today AMPAS ends its voting window with many a member having trouble with...

Zero Dark Thirty v. Lincoln listen Download
Two Hollywood movies vying for awards contention have been making waves in Washington, DC.

Golden Globes v. SAG Awards listen Download
Kim and John discuss how the Golden Globe nominations compare to others -- namely those of the SAG nominations which were announced yesterday.

Disney Deals Big Hand to Netflix listen Download
Kim and John discuss the big deal that Netflix did with the Walt Disney Company to carry that studio's content exclusively starting in 2016. This...

BBC Scandal Rocks the UK listen Download
Why was a BBC expose of decades of child molestation by a now deceased talk show host never aired? Why did the BBC wrongly accuse...

Election Night TV Watching listen Download
Kim and John break down the way we are watching on Election Night.

Politics and Movies listen Download
Dueling political documentaries are in the news...

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler v. Seth MacFarlane listen Download
Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will co-host the Golden Globes, a throw-down to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences' Oscar telecast...

Variety Gets Bought listen Download
This week, Penske Media, the company that owns, bought Variety. We reflect on the trade publication's history and the future of this Hollywood institution.

Ron Burkle v. the New Yorker listen Download
Kim and John discuss a new New Yorker article about billionaire Ron Burkle and his relationships in Hollywood....