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January 01, 1990 - March 08, 2013 + Garth Trinidad

Donnie listen
Donnie from Soul Thought Recordings stops in to talk about his new record, The Daily News .

Peanut Butter Wolf listen
Peanut Butter Wolf - Live in Studio

Osunlade listen
DJ, producer Osunlade stops by for an impromptu dj set and talks briefly about life in Greece and what 2007 holds for his independent "Yoruba" record label.

All Things James Brown listen
Join Garth and guest DJs J-Rocc of the world famous Beat Junkies, J-Logic, Jedi & Dj Rome as they will mix all things James Brown -...

J-Rocc listen
President of The World Famous Beat Junkies DJ collective and world champion turntablist J-Rocc stops by for an impromptu live mix session.

King Britt listen
King Britt, who scored Michael Mann's new film version of Miami Vice, stops by from 8-9pm.

DJ Dusk Tribute to J Dilla listen

King Britt listen
Philadelphia-based DJ/Producer King Britt stops by Garth Trinidad's final Friday night broadcast of Chocolate City for an unnanounced guest DJ set.

Eothen 'Egon' Alapatt listen
Eothen 'Egon' Alapatt, owner of Stone's Throw Records, tops off Unsung Heroes week with a two-hour interview and guest DJ set with host Garth Trinidad.

Aurelito & Shakespeare listen
Aurelito & Shakespeare of Chocolate Bar and I N I spin a two-hour guest DJ set with Garth Trinidid as part of Unsung Heroes week.

Aklia Chinn listen
Jewelry store owner and designer Aklia Chinn joins Garth in a two-hour guest DJ set as part of Unsung Heroes week.

Rashida and Valida listen
Unsung Heroes week kicks off with a full two-hour DJ set and interview with Rashida and Valida of Proper.

Raphael Saadiq listen
Grammy Award winner and multi-instrumentalist-singer-songwriter-producer Raphael Saadiq joins Garth Trinidad. Raphael's discography features a who's who of creative soul musicians, from D'Angelo to Earth...

Carl Craig listen
Carl Craig, an early '80s Motor City Techno pioneer now venturing into the outer realms of electro jazz orchestration and Detroit experimentation, joins Garth Trinidad.

Build an Ark listen
Chocolate City welcomes members of Build An Ark, a Los Angeles-based collective of creative musicians striving to inspire peace in the world. Producer/arranger Carlos Nino...