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January 01, 1990 - March 11, 2013 + Radiolab

When the human genome was first fully mapped in 2000, Bill Clinton, Craig Venter, and Francis Collins took the stage and pronounced that "the concept...

Sperm carry half the genes needed for human life. In this hour of Radiolab, some basic questions and profound thoughts about reproduction.

Logic and emotion aren't the only forces that guide or decisions. What other factors steer our choices?

Pop Music
This week, pop music's pull...

(So-Called) Life
Radiolab asks what is natural in a world where biology and engineering intersect...

War of the Worlds
In our very first live hour, we take a deep dive into one of the most controversial moments in broadcasting history: Orson Welles' 1938 radio...

Lies, liars, and lie catchers. This hour of Radiolab asks if it's possible for anyone to lead a life without deception.

We all laugh. This hour of Radiolab asks why.

In this hour of Radiolab, is death a disease that can be cured?

Memory and Forgetting
A look behind the curtain of how memories are made...and forgotten...

In a cruel trick of evolution, humans can stand just three feet from a ferocious animal and still be perfectly safe. This hour, Radiolab goes...

Birds do it, bees do it...yet science still can't answer the basic question: why do we sleep?

Radiolab examines the chemical consequences of belief and imagination.

In the 60's, space exploration was an American obsession, but the growing reality of space has turned the romance to cynicism. We chart the path...

Where Am I?
Stories of people whose brains and bodies have lost each other...