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January 01, 1990 - March 13, 2012 + Second Opinion

Reporting Child Abuse listen Download
Doctors have a difficult decision deciding when to report suspect child abuse...

Literacy and Health listen Download
An unrecognized barrier to good health turns out to be a poor ability to read..

A New Diagnosis of a Genetic Condition listen Download

US Ranked 9th in End of Life Care listen Download
We could do much better but we need to take some important steps.

Drug Companies' Priority: Make Profits, Not Protect Health listen Download
Why is it is that we are repeatedly not told the truth about the safety of prescription drugs?

Foreign Trained Health Doctors Working in the US listen Download
Is brain drain always a problem for poorer nations?

Rethinking Medical Education, Part II listen Download
How can we have healthcare reform with changing the way doctors are trained?

Summertime in Medicine listen Download

Refusal of Care listen Download
What happens when the patient and the doctor disagree about hospital discharge?

Sexting listen Download

Public Attitude toward Healthcare Technology listen Download

Colonoscopy: Does the Time of Day Matter? listen Download

Genetic Testing of College Students listen Download

I'm a little bit worried.... listen Download

When Can a Parent Say Enough is Enough? listen Download