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January 01, 1990 - April 10, 2013 + UnFictional

The Ballad of Dock Ellis listen Download
One of the most memorable characters to ever play baseball, Dock Ellis challenged the baseball establishment, pitched a no-hitter on acid, but always had impeccable...

Heel, Toe, Step Together listen Download
The story of an octogenarian dancer teaching a 28-year old how to waltz.

Self-Immolation Man listen Download
A young boy escapes to a foreign country by himself, on foot, with no money or passport. When he grows up, he sets himself on...

Joe Frank: Thief listen Download
Another new story from broadcasting legend Joe Frank.

Caught! listen Download
On this episode of UnFictional, three stories about getting nabbed red-handed... (Repeat)

Child of Ardoyne listen Download
An impressionistic portrait of conflict in Northern Ireland, from the perspective of children.

The Angel of Death listen Download
Two stories about that key life moment many of us spend a lifetime dreading, one that none of us lives to tell about. The moment....

Not the Olympics listen Download
Stories with thoughts of the Olympics in the background.

Joe Frank: Dreamers listen Download
A new work by legendary radio storyteller Joe Frank.

Ghosts of Srebrenica listen Download
A journey through eastern Bosnia finds the dead and missing from the infamous 1995 Srebrenica massacre as present in daily life as those they left...

The Road Warriors listen Download
When it comes to crazy, immoral and stupid decisions, nothing can match a teenager looking for a good time.

American Dreamer: Sam's Story listen Download
A talented and articulate young jazz musician finds that for an "illegal," graduation marks a dead end. We follow his struggle to achieve his American...

Bring Your Game listen Download
This week, two stories about life, family and basketball... (Repeated from October 21, 2011)

In the Family listen Download
In this episode, two personal stories from "Outfront," a 15 minute documentary series that ran on the CBC in Canada up until a few years...

Your Future in Sales listen Download
On this episode, three stories about young people let in on the secrets of selling, both good and bad... (Repeat)