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January 01, 1990 - May 14, 2013 + Second Opinion

Reassurance listen Download
Even after the doctor tells us that everything is all right , we still continue to worry and wonder.

Oxycontin listen Download
The pharmacuetical executives who plead guilty this week to illegally pushing prescription narcotics on unsuspecting doctors may have done far more harm than just killing people.

The Death of a Colleague listen
When we loose a colleague it causes us to rethink our own life and our relationships.

Feeding Tubes listen Download
Dealing with Alzheimer? Disease is complex, but nothing is worse than deciding on issues such as the  placement of feeding tubes.

Blaming the Victim listen Download
Why is it that the news media and the public always need to blame the victim for their illness?

Health Care from the Ground Up: The Republic of Georgia listen
The Republic of Georgia, a country from the former Soviet Union, is in the midst of major health-care reform.  There are important lessons that can...

Treating Cholesterol listen Download
Patients should be told the magnitude of benefit about drugs to treat diseases so they can make personal informed decisions...

Genetic Discrimination listen Download
Many people are at high risk for genetic diseases but fear the discrimination that would result from being tested for the condition.  New legislation aims to protect the...

Banking Cord Blood listen Download
Companies promote banking of umbilical cord blood as life-saving and the ultimate gift to a your new born but the data suggests otherwise. Further, doctors...

Religion in Medicine listen Download
A surgeon invites a patient to pray with him prior to beginning surgery.  Have those who suggest doctors bring religion to their practice of medicine...

Emergency Room Overuse listen Download
Why do emergency rooms seem so overcrowded?  Is there a way to unload busy ERs?

Tackling Obesity listen Download
It is easy for us doctors to point fingers and tell overweight people to lose weight.  But this approach isn't working and it's time for...

Case Managers listen Download
Caring for people with dementia is complicated and the traditional medical system can offer little in the way of support.  In one study case managers, a relatively...

A Request for an MRI listen Download
While technology can offer significant advancements in health, it is not always needed and often only serves to drive up health care costs.

The Electronic Medical Record listen Download
The President and major hospital groups are pushing to move toward electronic medical records (EMRs).  Will these improve the quality of health care?