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January 01, 1990 - October 03, 2012 + Film Reviews

Bring It On; The Art of War listen

The Cell; The Original Kings of Comedy; listen
Steal This Movie

The Klumps; Girl on the Bridge listen

What Lies Beneath; Loser listen

X-Men; Chuck and Buck listen

Big Mama's House; Running Free listen

Mission Impossible 2; Shanghai Noon listen

Dinosaur; Small Time Crooks listen

Hamlet; Battlefield Earth listen

Gladiator; Up at the Villa; I Dreamed of Africa listen

Frequency; Time Code; Where the Heart Is; listen
The Big Kahuna

U-571; The Virgin Suicides; East is East listen

Black & White; Joe Gould's Secret; East West; listen
Return to Me

High Fidelity; The Color of Paradise listen

Romeo Must Die; Waking the Dead; Here on Earth listen