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January 01, 1990 - October 08, 2012 + Hollywood Breakdown


Ron Burkle v. the New Yorker listen Download
Kim and John discuss a new New Yorker article about billionaire Ron Burkle and his relationships in Hollywood....

Lack of Diversity among TV Directors listen Download
The Directors Guild of America released a report today analyzing the percentage of directors working in television.

Emmy Preview
With the primetime Emmys happening on Sunday, Kim and John look at some of the top races and business angles afoot in TV's night of...

The Anti-Islam Movie: Not a Hollywood Film listen Download
The movie at the center of the attacks in the Middle East was not a Hollywood film, but it does expose the secret world of...

Bummer Summer Box Office Numbers listen Download
The numbers for the summer movie theater ticket sales are in and the news isn't good for Hollywood studios.

Fall Film Festivals listen Download
John and Kim discuss the beginning of the fall film festival season, which premieres some potential awards contenders like 'Argo' and 'The Master.'

The Academy Awards Kerfuffle listen Download
Every year the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences struggles to put on a compelling show for the Oscars and it often hinges on...

Olympics Business listen Download
Kim and John break down the highs and lows of NBC's coverage of the London Olympics.

Modern Family's Contract Dispute listen Download
John Horn talks with ATC host Steve Chiotakis about the contract dispute between the "Modern Family" cast and the studio that produces the show.   This week...

The Dark Knight's Dark Night listen Download
Kim and John respond to the massacre at the midnight showing of 'The Dark Knight Rises' in Aurora, Colorado.

Emmy Nominations Reveal Trend listen Download
Kim and John break down the Emmy nominations that were announced today.

Direct TV v. Viacom listen Download
There's been another clash in the cable/satellite provider versus content creator wars. This time it's Direct TV and Viacom.

Tom Cruise in the News listen Download
Kim and John discuss the business side of the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes divorce.

News Corp Will Split in Two listen Download
John Horn of the Los Angeles Times talks with All Things Considered host Steve Chiotakis about the announcement that News Corp. will split into two...