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January 01, 1990 - October 08, 2012 + The Business

Louisiana Film Update; From Russia with Vampires; Awards Aschmords listen
Six months after Katrina, we check in on the state of Louisiana's film industry. Then, what if The Matrix had been written by Tolstoy? You'd...

Hollywood Do-Gooders; Pilot Season's No Fly Zone; Huffman's Tranny Diaries listen
Founded by former eBay exec Jeff Skoll just two years ago, Participant Films is now making a serious bid for Oscars this year with...

All the Presidents' Mensch; Staffing Season Hell; The Race for Oscar Tickets listen
The President of the United States is arguably the most powerful man in the world. So how does a humble screenwriter go about putting...

iMac Daddy Goes Movie Mogul; Grammy Winners Sing Payola Blues; Elephants: More Guerilla than Penguin listen
Thanks to the multi-billion, spare-no-expense snapping up of Pixar by Disney, Apple's Steve Jobs is now a key shareholder at the Mouse House. But how...

Will the New CW Go B-U-S-T? listen
With technology fast making broadcast TV obsolete, can new hybrid network CW get off the ground? Claude Brodessor joins former WB President Jordan Levin and...

A Q&A with MPAA Ratings Board Chair listen
A rare interview with Joan Graves, chair of the Motion Picture Association's ratings committee, to shed light on the board's murky ratings process. The...

This Film Is Not Yet Rated listen
Filmmakers Kirby Dick and Eddie Schmidt on their new documentary that outs the MPAA ratings board.

The Digital Future, Part I listen
The digital revolution is causing an extreme make-over for the entertainment industry, but will the patient end up looking like The Swan or Joan Rivers?

Press Junkets; Predicting the Box Office listen
The director of Syriana reveals the indignities of the press junket. Plus, a new computer model promises to predict how Hollywood movies will do at...

Creative Accounting, Creative Marketing listen
A look at how the studios can turn a movie that grosses $100 million into a net loser. Plus, a studio marketing executive reveals...

The Hollywood Year That Was listen
A look at the Hollywood year that was with Tim Gray, the editor of Variety.

The Matador Update; CSI Creator; The Holidays in Hollywood listen
It's homeless for the holidays when the Hollywood dream hasn't yet come true.

NBC Downloads Cinderella Man; Directing TV listen
This week on The Business, NBC's the latest TV network to announce digital downloads. [Triumph the Insult Comic Dog has been number one. ...

First Assistant Director; Gifting in Hollywood listen
We go on set to answer the question: What the hell does the First Assistant Director do? Then, 'tis the season for hollywood gifting.

McDonalds-Disney Deal; Xbox 360 listen
The XBox 360 has gamers drooling, but executives at the studios, record labels and TV networks are reaching for the Pepto. Should Hollywood be afraid...