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January 01, 1990 - November 18, 2012 + The Business

The Hollywood Year That Was listen
A look at the Hollywood year that was with Tim Gray, the editor of Variety.

The Matador Update; CSI Creator; The Holidays in Hollywood listen
It's homeless for the holidays when the Hollywood dream hasn't yet come true.

NBC Downloads Cinderella Man; Directing TV listen
This week on The Business, NBC's the latest TV network to announce digital downloads. [Triumph the Insult Comic Dog has been number one. ...

First Assistant Director; Gifting in Hollywood listen
We go on set to answer the question: What the hell does the First Assistant Director do? Then, 'tis the season for hollywood gifting.

McDonalds-Disney Deal; Xbox 360 listen
The XBox 360 has gamers drooling, but executives at the studios, record labels and TV networks are reaching for the Pepto. Should Hollywood be afraid...

Blue Collar Declaration of Independent Filmmaking listen
The people behind Blue Collar Comedy and art films like Northfork have more in common than you might think.

Civility in Theaters; Follow the Script; What's That Supposed to Mean? listen
It's the little project that could [ was an unstoppable train, it was just moving towards the finish line at great speed, but then...

Pirates; The Dying Gaul; The Nudity Clause listen
This week, we get bizzay on The Business when we talk to the director of Pirates, the most expensive adult film ever made.

Never Coming to a Theater Near You; Good in a Room listen
LA Times and Morning Edition film critic Ken Turan talks about why the best films are never coming to a theater near you. Then, the...

I Love Your Work; The Red Carpet listen
The red carpet is the height of glamour for the movie-going public, but it can be a nightmare for the press and the stars. ...

Capote; PipeDreamWorks? listen
When Speilberg, Katzenberg and Geffen created DreamWorks in 1994, it was the biggest thing to hit Hollywood since the talkies, but has the dream turned...

TV Programming: Actor/Waiter listen
As the fall TV season begins, we look at the weird science behind television programming. We'll talk to an actor whose show already got...

Taxes; Scientology; The Writers' Store listen
It started with 'I heart New York.' Then, there was 'I heart Huckabees.' This week, it's 'I Heart Scientology.' As if that...

Toronto; Archerd; The Defamer listen
Hollywood has changed a lot since the days or Gable and Garbo, and so has Hollywood gossip. We talk with Army Archerd, the recently...

Artists Get Even with Labels; Hollywood Moves to Louisiana listen
The labels fumed and fretted but did nothing as college kids and other criminals almost destroyed the record industry. We talk with record execs...