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January 01, 1990 - November 22, 2012 + Second Opinion

Thinking Globally in Tough Financial Times listen Download

Difficult Doctor Encounters listen Download
Why is it that sometimes you and your doctor just don't hit it off?

Prisoners Released with HIV listen Download
What happens to HIV infected prisoners when they are released from prison?

Can nurses substitute for doctors? listen Download
What happens when nurses do procedures that were formerly done by doctors?

CPR out of the Hospital listen Download
Paramedics often have no choice but to provide CPR...

Rating Doctors listen Download
When we want a good doctor should we look to online rating schemes?

Swine Flu 101 listen Download
An answer to some basic questions about swine flu...

Paying People to Get Healthy listen Download
Is it worthwhile to give people a financial incentive to be healthy?

Respecting Patients' Culture listen Download
Our attempt to be respectful of culture can sometimes backfire...

Abstinent Promises listen Download

Who Owns the Medical Record? listen Download
What would happen if patients were sent their medical records after each visit?

Journals, Editors and Intimidation listen Download
What happens when research questions the integrity of a leading medical journal...?

Private Hospital Beds listen Download
Do you often wish you could have a private bed in the hospital?

Normal adolescence: a disease worth treating? listen Download
Why do so many teens being treated for ADHD?

Preventing the Spread of AIDS in Africa listen Download
While the problem is huge, there are steps that people can take to make a difference... (Part III of a three-part commentary.)