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January 01, 1990 - November 22, 2012 + Second Opinion

Disability Parking listen Download

When People Don't Follow the Doctor's Advice listen Download
Doctors have a hard time when people don't follow their advice.  But behavior change isn't easy for anyone -- not even doctors.

Substance Abuse and Detection listen Download
Despite substance abuse being a major medical and public problem, only twelve out of 125 medical schools surveyed, offer a required course in substance abuse...

Does Everyone Really Need to Lower Their Cholesterol? listen Download
Studies suggest we are over-treating people who have high cholesterol but no risk factors for heart disease...

Telephone Medicine listen
Getting a call from your doctor may not be just another phone call...

The Hidden Curriculum in Medical School listen Download
So much of what medical students learn is not from books and lectures but from their watching the behaviors of others. It may be that...

Bereavement can Cause Physical Problems listen Download
The loss of a loved one can have profound health consequences.

Permission for Clinical Research listen Download
Patient permission for publication is essential, but without  publication medical science stands still...

Hospitalists listen Download

Buying Influence in Developing Countries listen Download
Why are drug companies offering doctors in developing countries free gifts, computers and jewelry? Do those work for you?

Immigrants and Healthcare listen Download
Is it true that immigrants come here to use our healthcare system and offer little in return?

Medicinal Hugs listen Download
Sometimes an old fashioned hug can be more therapeutic than a pill or procedure...

Thinking about Cost listen Download
Often doctors do not consider the costs of the tests, drugs or procedures they recommend to patients . A doctor-patient dialogue about all effective treatment...

Admitting Uncertainty listen Download
For many years I have been teaching medical students that one of the things we need to change in medicine is for doctors to admit...

Physicians as Role Models listen Download