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January 01, 1990 - November 24, 2012 + The Business

Cooing over a Deal with Dove; What's a First AD? listen Download
Dove beauty products inked an inventive deal to help finance the long-languishing remake of the 1939 classic The Women. Plus, what's a first assistant director?

Hollywood Spin-Doctor Makes a House Call; The Loneliest Republican listen Download
Hollywood's spin-doctor on the recent epidemic of celebrity scandal. Plus, Hollywood fundraising for a Republican presidential candidate.

Making the Great White Way Pay listen Download
We look at the wonderful world of the great white way through the lens of a new documentary called Show Business: The Road to Broadway.

You're Fired!; Show Biz Picks a President listen Download
After NBC fired its president, we ask another former programming chief about the upside of getting canned.  Plus, would-be presidents come to Hollywood in search of dead...

Rating the Changes at the MPAA listen Download
This week on The Business, will changes to the way movies are rated change what you see on the big screen? We'll talk to the...

Scaring Audiences-All the Way to the Bank listen Download
Horror films are once again scaring up terrifying box office numbers! We check in with the director of the wildly successful Hostel movies, then cut...

White Writer, Black Show; Writers Guild (Lack of) Diversity Report listen Download
An unusually candid conversation about race and writing for movies and television.  Then, the new Writers Guild report on how white the writer's room remains.

A New Studio; Requiem for the Record Industry; Let's Do Lakers listen Download
The record industry is dead.  Long live the record industry!  Then, a new movie studio is born.  Finally, we look at what makes the Los...

The Most Expensive Movie Ever Made?; Pitch vs Spec listen Download
Is Spider-Man 3 the most expensive movie ever made?  And why should we care?   Plus, life's a pitch, and then you write...

Canned Laughs, Fresh Ideas listen Download
Is that laughter coming from your television fresh or canned?  We talk to Chuck Lorre, creator of some of the most popular sitcoms in TV...

The TV Set; Hollywood Girls Club listen Download
We use the funny new feature film, The TV Set, to show how real television pilots fight their way to the little screen. Plus, a...

The Winston Effect; Special Effects Legend Stan Winston listen Download
For the past 30 years, Stan Winston's Studio has built some of the scariest and most memorable film effects by hand.  But are digital effects...

Lessons in Show Business from HBO's 'Entourage' listen Download
HBO's hit show Entourage goes deep inside the business of show business. This week, we go deep inside Entourage with the show's creator, Doug Ellin.

We Give Voiceover the Once-Over; Emmy's New 'Burstyn' Rule listen Download
The Television Academy changes its Emmy rules to make them more fair--and less embarrassing.  Also, so you think you've got the pipes to make a bundle voicing...

Kid Actors and the Moms That Love Them listen Download
The Swifty Lazar of kid's agents shares horror stories of Mafia moms, Clearasil emergencies and casting for the role of the 'chubby kid.' Then, what...