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January 01, 1990 - December 03, 2012 + The Business

Getting Rid of the (Production) Shingles listen Download
Hollywood's studios are slashing producer deals in record numbers. What are these producer pacts? What does it all mean for the kinds of movies that we'll be...

Six Degrees of Celebrity Philanthropy listen Download
This week on The Business, six degrees of celebrity philanthropy with, of course, Kevin Bacon - actor, musician and on-line philanthropist.

It Isn't Easy Being a Green Hollywood Studio listen Download
We talk to Shelley Billik, the Vice President of Environmental Initiatives at Warner Bros. Entertainment.  She's spent the last sixteen years explaining to the industry...

Best of The Business: Hollywood on the Couch listen Download
Dennis Palumbo, screenwriter turned psychologist, puts Hollywood on the couch.

SAG's Snafu; The Brothers Duplass listen Download
SAG and the producers are at an impasse, so what happens next? Plus, what happens when the mavens of Mumblecore go Hollywood?

Disney's Teen Green-Making Machine listen Download
From Hannah Montana to High School Musical, we look at Disney's teen green-making machine.

SAG and AFTRA Talk! listen Download
AFTRA approves their deal with producers...and SAG goes back to the negotiating table. Is peace at hand in Hollywood?  

A Conversation with the Presidents of SAG and AFTRA listen Download
This special edition of The Business features a rare head-to-head conversation about future of acting with the dueling presidents of SAG and AFTRA. It's the first time...

Hollywood's Bump from the Economic Slump; Strike TV; Titles listen Download
Do sky-high gas prices mean boffo box office? Plus, first there was the writers' strike and now there's strike TV. Plus, the Zen of making...

TV Across the Pond; The Day the Creatures Cried listen Download
The two-way street between American television and British telly. We talk to TV producer extraordinaire Caryn Mandabach about her dealings across the pond.  Plus, last...

MySpace Makeover listen Download
A makeover at MySpace continues to transform Hollywood into your space.  We chat with MySpace CEO Chris DeWolfe.  Plus SAG and AFTRA's battle over the...

Rating the Ads; Weather to Shoot or Not to Shoot listen Download
How will rating ads instead of programs change what you see on your TV? Plus, whether or not to shoot a scene often depends on...

Runaway Production Runs Faster listen Download
A hit network TV show picks up, moves to New York and stirs up the enduring question: why doesn't California do something to staunch the...

Everything You Wanted to Know about Being an Assistant listen Download
This week on The Business, everything you wanted to know about being an assistant, but were too terrified to ask. We talk with the authors...

TV's 'Unfronts;' Popcorn Prices Pop listen Download