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January 01, 1990 - December 05, 2012 + Second Opinion

Sexting listen Download

Public Attitude toward Healthcare Technology listen Download

Colonoscopy: Does the Time of Day Matter? listen Download

Genetic Testing of College Students listen Download

I'm a little bit worried.... listen Download

When Can a Parent Say Enough is Enough? listen Download

Are we any safer with new airport scanners? listen Download
What evidence that using scanners at airports make us any safer?

The Dangers of Four letter Words listen Download
Sometimes there's just no other way to express yourself...

An Obligation to Participate in Research listen Download
How do we advance medical science if people won t participate in research?

Swine Flu-One Year Later listen Download
Now, a year after we first heard about Swine Flu, how did we do?

It's All the Result of TV listen Download
The amount of television kids watch is having an impact on health...

Tomorrow's Doctors listen Download
Interest in primary care is still at historic lows leading to questions about the ability to deliver on healthcare reform...

Pay for Performance listen Download
Can we improve healthcare quality for providing incentives?

The More You Do the Better You Get listen Download
If you want the best outcome you'd best chose the doctor/hospital with the most experience...

Is the Use of Placebos Always Unethical? listen Download
While many medicines don't work for us, it is wrong to use a medicine we know won't work...