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January 01, 1990 - December 08, 2012 + Second Opinion


New Hospital Discharge Rules listen Download
Hospitals may be forced to work as part of a system...

Stress listen Download
The effect of stress on our health...

The Impact of Still Births listen Download
The loss can be devastating …

Intellectual Property Rights listen Download
Do we really want to keep poor people from using our drugs?

Tropical Diseases listen Download
Unusual tropical diseases in the US...

Doctors' Salaries listen Download
How much should doctors be paid?

Medicine Driven by Incentives listen Download
Incentives may drive the care you receive...

Patenting Genes listen Download
Should society allow companies to patent genes?

CNN Has Forgotten Its Mission listen Download
CNN chooses to promote a cancer hospital...

Rationing Health Care listen Download

Frequent Flyers listen Download
High utilizers of healthcare

Is the Physical Exam Necessary? listen Download
There are two schools of thought...

Food Insecurity in America listen Download
How can we help to prevent hunger in America?

Internet Pornography listen Download
Can this become a health problem?