KCRW's Music Channel

KCRW's Music Channel at a Glance

Our Music Channel is an experiment in the next generation of internet radio, from Los Angeles-based 89.9 KCRW.

It puts the best of underground flavors, independent records and progressive major releases within reach 24/7. The Music Channel boasts the same variety of cutting edge music that defines 89.9 KCRW’s eclectic identity, featuring electronica to progressive pop, Latin alternative to modern soul, hip-hop, trip-hop, world music and more.

Our 24/7 hosted stream is designed to reach the open-minded and adventurous music fan. We play music we love, by artists we believe in, all hand-selected by real DJs.

The Music Channel aims to offer a distinctly global feel on the stream, covering music, events and interesting content from around the world while not forgetting the flavor of our hometown, here in Los Angeles. A special element of this is "Today's Top Tune," a 24-hour-only downloadable song of the day, available every weekday. Soon, we’ll be adding record reviews, global gig guides and other neat content to amplify your listening adventure.

Los Angeles-based 89.9 KCRW is an internationally renowned source for breaking music, free-form radio and DJs who are counted among the industry’s trendsetters and tastemakers. With a spirit of discovery and a keen eye on the future of media technology, we launched the Music Channel in March 2006. For the first time, KCRW star DJs like Jason Bentley, Nic Harcourt, Chris Douridas, Tom Schnabel, Garth Trinidad and Anne Litt are back-to-back on a DJ-hosted 24/7 music stream.

KCRW's Music Channel is also available through iTunes and on Radio@AOL