Oscar Goes Outdoors: Hollywood and the Santa Monica Mountains

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On this Valentine’s Day weekend, if you love movies as much as your significant other, you might want to check out some Hollywood history.

“Oscar Goes Outdoors!” is an event this Sunday that’ll give local film fanatics a chance to see some classic Hollywood settings within a short drive of L.A., from “Gone with the Wind” to “American Sniper.”

The event will be at King Gillette Ranch, former home of Oscar-nominated director Clarence Brown and site of Pee-Wee’s Tour de France finish line in the dream sequence from Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure (not an Oscar winner).

Harry Medved is the co-author of “Location Filming in Los Angeles” and volunteers with the National Park Service. He spoke to KCRW’s Steve Chiotakis.

Here are some sites the group will be highlighting:

1. Paramount Ranch (Reds, American Sniper)

2. Malibu Creek State Park (How Green Was My Valley, Planet of the Apes, Mash)

3. King Gillette Ranch (White Cliffs of Dover)

4. Leo Carrillo State Beach (Inception, Letters from Iwo Jima, American Sniper)

5. Lasky Mesa/Upper Las Virgenes Canyon (Gone with the Wind, Pineapple Express)

6. Malibou Lake (Frankenstein, The Great Dictator)