Performer and playwright Sarah Jones on why she marched

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Playwright, performer and activist Sarah Jones (pictured above with civil rights activist Angela Davis) is known for transforming into multiple characters at a moment’s notice. Each one has a name, a life, and a unique perspective on issues like sex, religion and race. Jones will perform excerpts from her latest show, Sell/Buy/Date, Tuesday night at UC Santa Barbara’s Campbell Hall.

This Saturday, her video aired in D.C. during the Women’s March on Washington.

She told KCRW’s Larry Perel why she and her characters marched.

KCRW: How do you think what you experienced at the march will affect the way you perform in Santa Barbara?

Jones: “Any illusion about who we are as a country was dispelled that day. We are not divided. There are many more people who care about protecting all American people’s freedoms. So, I hope it’ll bring a renewed hope to the conversation I get to have with the people who come to the show, and I get to bring the energy of this current moment into what I think will be a lot of fun. We’re going to laugh, but we’re also going to talk about why we all make art and enjoy art. In times like these, it’s clear that we need to engage with each other creatively.”

Photo Credit: Terrence Jenkins