This week’s entertainment buzz

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Here are a few entertainment stories that have the town buzzing…

A new life for Variety

The trade paper Variety which once was a go-to source for Hollywood news but which, in recent years has been eclipsed by the likes of The Hollywood Reporter,, The Wrap and the L.A. Times may get new life. Penske Media Corp—the company that owns Deadlinebought Variety for $25 million. One good thing to come of it will be that Variety will take down its pay-wall so that even non-subscribers can read their content. But the question of what this outlet can offer the entertainment community that’s not already being provided by others remains to be seen.

House of Cards pits Netflix against Television

Netflix announced the premiere date for their big budget series “House of Cards” starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright and directed/produced by David Fincher, Spacey and Dana Brunetti. The first of two seasons will hit your Netflix cue—all 13 episodes at once— February 1, 2013. The writer of the series which is adapted from a BBC show, Beau Willimon (“Ides of March”) predicts that streaming is the future of TV. Hard to see that this show could bring about this change but certainly Netflix hopes that it’s production and delivery of original content will draw viewers away from traditional television.

YouTube moves beyond the home video with more high profile, diverse programming.

A year after YouTube announced its original channel initiative the online video giant has added some high profile talent to its efforts. Russell Simmons who started Def Jam Records is starting up a new channel for the “post-racial America” called ADD Video. His joins other shows by and for African Americans, Latinos and Asians who reportedly watch videos on YouTube at a higher rate that white viewers. Shaquille O’Neal already has a comedy channel. Now there will be more comedy on YouTube  The newly created production company, Hachacha has announced the formation of two new YouTube comedy channels– Jash and Video Podcast Network. Jash will air content from the likes of Sarah Silverman and Michael Cera. Video Podcast Network will air videos of popular podcasts like the one that Adam Carolla hosts.

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