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A discovery readers have been waiting for, more Silvina Ocampo finally translated into English:  The Promise and Forgotten Journey.

One of the first books within a huge movement that restored respectability to memoirs,  This Boy’s Life  celebrates its thirtieth anniversary, and Tobias Wolff celebrates thirty years…

Love and I , poems by Fanny Howe, about love, the failure of love, and the transformation of love over the years.

Garth Greenwell discusses seeking human truths by writing into an abyss, and his new novel  Cleanness .

Daniel Mendelsohn’s  Ecstasy and Terror: From the Greeks to Game of Thrones  is an uncommon collection of essays that intertwine the personal with the intellectual and critical.

Jonathan Blum wrote characters with open destinies, in stories with open endings, for his new book of short stories,  The Usual Uncertainties.

Ben Lerner’s  Leaving the Atocha Station  and  10:04  find their synthesis in  The Topeka School , the third in his Hegelian trilogy.

In André Aciman’s Find Me, strokes of luck are destiny.