Help us figure out what’s underneath State Street

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A secret jazz club? A series of mysterious tunnels? A passageway to the sea? What exactly is going on underfoot as you walk down State Street?

Our winning question in KCRW’s first Curious Coast voting round comes from record store employee Jason Stoops, who asked, “Was there really an underground jazz club and other shops beneath State Street?”

Jason Stoops
Jason Stoops has heard plenty of rumors about underground State Street. Now, he wants to know which rumors, if any, are true. (Ted Mills/KCRW) (The original image is no longer available, please contact KCRW if you need access to the original image.)

His question beat out our other two potential stories by a wide margin, so we get it. Santa Barbara is obsessed with its underground history. And already we’re hearing plenty of rumors, about tunnels, ghosts, bomb shelters, military contractors, and speakeasies.

And now the fun part begins. While we’re off investigating (and maybe ghost hunting?) we want to hear from you! What have you heard about the spaces under State Street? What have you seen? Maybe you worked in one of these spaces, or spent some time down there for fun. Perhaps you used to go clubbing underground and have some stories to tell.

Please contact producer Ted Mills with your stories, leads, and secret underground maps at

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