Another step back for road diet plan

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In a previous episode of DnA, we aired a segment that looked at the dispute over a road diet in Playa del Rey. As has been widely reported, back in June, transportation planners put several streets in the beach community on a "road diet" by removing car lanes in an effort to slow drivers down and reduce traffic fatalities. A backlash from some residents and commuters ensued and the road diet was itself slimmed down.

Since that segment aired, Councilman Mike Bonin's office announced that traffic crews would return a single westbound vehicle lane to Jefferson and Culver boulevards. Bonin made the announcement in a Facebook message posted on Monday night, writing that a community task force recommended the change.

The 20-member task force, which Bonin convened in July, is expected to present final recommendations next month. Bonin wrote, "It's my hope that this first agreement... will lead to greater cooperation on all sides, and a comprehensive solution for Playa del Rey that enhances street safety and minimizes traffic congestion."

The change also comes amidst a recall effort targeting Bonin's council seat, led by opponents to the lane reductions. The opponents hailed the decision to restore the car lanes, but vowed to keep fighting against other road diets in LA.

"We recognize that Bonin's decision was made under duress and under fear of being recalled," said Alexis Edelstein, chairman of Recall Bonin. "The recall will continue until we are satisfied that all streets... do not receive "calming measures" that serve to create congestion and hamper people's ability to move freely through the district."

Photo: An intersection in Playa del Rey where a lane had been removed on Culver Boulevard, but has since been put back.