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If LACMA’s exhibit is the “granddaddy” of Pacific Standard Time design shows, the young upstart is a show called Eames Words, celebrating Charles and Ray Eames little-known observations about the often humble things that inspired them. It also opens October 1, at the A+D Museum, on the other side of Wilshire Boulevard. The show is a collaborative effort involving around 40 volunteers, led by Deborah Sussman who worked with the Eames for many years, after being plucked from design school in Chicago. She talks about the influence that the Eames had on her own career as well as American culture. Meanwhile at the Hollywood gallery JF Chen, there's a show of over 400 objects designed by the Eames, including some rare and unique pieces. See the DnA calendar for more details.

eames show

A wall from the upcoming Eames Words show designed by Sussman/Prejza 


A tube radio designed by the Eames at Collecting Eames, the JF Collection


A pavilion designed by the Eames at Collecting Eames, the JF Collection

Top photo: Ray and Charles Eames with ampersand and exclamation point, 1962.  © Eames Office, LLC 2011


Deborah Sussman - Principal, Sussman/Prejza

Frances Anderton