Eureka! The Commune Light Socket in KCRW Yellow Kicks off DnA’s Design Picks

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As part of DnA’s expanded coverage of LA designers, we are starting DnA Design Picks — an online store of curated products purpose-made for KCRW listeners by LA designers and…

DnA Design Picks — an online store of curated products purpose-made for KCRW listeners by LA designers and available in limited edition on KCRW’s Store. Proceeds will go to support the station, while we hope in turn to cast a spotlight on the talent in our community. DnA Design Picks will be accompanied by interviews with the designers and periodic public events that showcase their work.

Speaking of lights, and community, what better “Pick” to start with than this “Light Socket in KCRW Yellow,” by the company whose trademark is creative collaboration with other designers, makers and companies: Commune.

Commune, characterized by design journalist Mallery Roberts Morgan as purveyors of “bohemian chic,” are the creators of brands, graphics, products and interiors, defined not so much by a company style as an approach that starts with a strong “narrative” about the client, and noted for its subtle layering of the textured and the handmade. You can hear from Commune on this show.

Meanwhile, Roman Alonso, one of the company’s four founding partners, has this to say about the light socket. “A ceramic light socket has always been one of our favorite light fixtures – we love its purity, honesty and efficiency – a few years back we started coloring them to give them some personality and slowly they’ve become a signature at Commune. . . now it’s colorized in safety yellow exclusively for our favorite radio station.”

To purchase go to DnA Design Picks in KCRW’s Store, or direct to Commune’s online store, where you’ll find many other hand and custom-made products of theirs, including the insanely delicious Goodmix, an edible co-creation with Valerie Confections, the artisanal chocolatier and pastry chef.

DnA Design Picks: KCRW’s DnA commissioned series of art objects by up and coming designers – limited  edition, one-of-a-kind, and exclusive items, available to KCRW supporters.

About the designer: Commune was founded in 2004 as a collective focusing on enhancing life through design. They come from all over the world to share a vision and an aesthetic sensibility in everything they do. With a staff of interior designers, architects and graphic designers, the design process is a collaborative effort. Their diverse backgrounds allow them to see the same project from many angles and to offer solutions that reflect an open-eyed attitude.