LA Grows UP: Introduction

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PARK-RIGHTSCLEARED-pg162-92771-c09-G98A5559-LACityHall (1)
City Hall, designed by John Parkinson, was the tallest building in L.A. until 1964 (The original image is no longer available, please contact KCRW if you need access to the original image.)

LA has been known for its horizontal and sprawling nature, but that is changing. The city is starting to get taller and denser. With L.A. Grows UP, we chose to examine the recent vertical growth of Los Angeles, which is changing the skyline and dividing communities. Development projects such as the Millennium Towers in Hollywood and the Miramar Hotel in Downtown Santa Monica are challenging the notion that skyscrapers only belong in neighborhoods where they’re already present, such as Downtown and Century City. Many of the tall projects proposed are advertised under the moniker of “smart growth” with the idea of fostering density in walkable urban areas. How will these projects affect our views, commutes, and quality of life in LA?

Through historic photos and renderings of to-be-built projects, we take a look at our changing city.