Design and Architecture

Design and Architecture

Host Frances Anderton looks at design and architecture from a Los Angeles perspective.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock House has become Southern California's first UNESCO World Heritage site.

When Philip Johnson built the Crystal Cathedral in for televangelist Robert Schuller in 1980 it was called "the largest glass building in the world."

When longtime Apple chief designer Jony Ive announced he was jumping ship, markets shook. How much is good design worth?

Spanish architecture firm SelgasCano is taking over LA with brightly colored plastic and lots of plants.

Uber wants to add app-based flying taxis to LA's airwaves.

Santa Monica Airport is expected to close by 2028 and be replaced by a park, and this weekend the city will begin digging up both ends of the runway.

LA Pride takes place this weekend and among those celebrating will be the new residents of the LA LGBT Center.

Los Angeles is considering revising its regulations around billboards to allow more digital signs all around Los Angeles.