This Week on DnA: Design In — and At — the Movies; with Simon Doonan, Geoff McFetridge, Alissa Walker, Kyle Bergman

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The Oscars are upon us but Simon Doonan says don’t expect any fashion surprises on the red carpet.

Gowns at Oscars 2013

On this DnA, design in – and at – the movies.

The Problem with Oscar Gowns

The Oscars are upon us but don’t expect any fashion surprises on the red carpet. Simon Doonan talks about a combination of freebie dresses from the fashion houses and fear of instant criticism in the Twitterverse has numbed actresses into wearing gowns of beauty but also “stunning conventionality,” reminiscent of high school proms and 1950s charity balls (see 2013′s Oscar gowns, collaged in The Sun, above). Read more here.

The Design of an Idealized Subway

Many Angeleno viewers of the movie Her were taken not just by the story but by. . .  the subway map (below). This representation of an idealized subway system for the Southland was created by noted graphic artist and illustrator Geoff McFetridge, who also designed the interfaces on the computers and handhelds used by Theo Twombly in the movie. Alissa Walker talks to Geoff at his studio in Atwater Village about the thinking behind his design, below. Read more here.

Architecture and Design Film Festival

Architecture and design generally play a supporting role at the movies, providing backdrop, characterization and mood for the story and characters. Sometimes however, they taking a starring role, in films where the story is the design and architecture and the love, hope and strife that goes into creating objects and buildings. 30 such films will be featured in the Architecture and Design Film Festival (ADFF), running March 12-16 at the Los Angeles Theatre Center in downtown Los Angeles. Founder and festival director Kyle Bergman talks about the films that find the human heart in the process of creating design and architecture. Read more here.