When Is a Logo a No-Go?

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Gap logo

The "new" Gap logo, designed by Laird + Partners 

On October 5, clothing company Gap quietly unveiled a new logo, the first change to the logo in 20 years. Consumers didn't seem to like it, taking to Facebook and Twitter to express their dislike, and design publications picked up on the outrage, giving the logo flap names like Gapgate. After announcing they were actually launching a contest to create additional logos, less than a week later, Gap retracted the logo and the contest, saying it was sticking with the 20-year-old logo instead. What happened? Frances talks with branding consultant Sasha Strauss about whether or not logos really do impact consumer behavior, and how important logos are to a brand's overall personality. Then, graphic designer Michael Hodgson talks about what makes a successful logo and walks us through some recent logo refreshes that worked.




The new Coca-Cola logo, reconceived by Turner Duckworth