Will Design and Architecture Help Haiti Rise Again

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Haiti's catastrophe has killed thousands and destroyed Port-au-Prince, once a jewel in the Caribbean. We look at the architecture past, present and -- possibly -- future in Haiti's heart. Is there a design solution to the desperate need for low-cost housing in overpopulated cities? Can good design trump political mayhem? We hear from experts here and from Haiti: historian Patrick Sylvain, Architecture for Humanity's founder Cameron Sinclair, Global Green's Ted Bardacke, Alejandra Lillo, co-creator of Make It Right, and others.




Buildings in Jacmel  that were destroyed by the earthquake that hit Haiti.
According to local officials about 350 people lost their lives in Jacmel due to last week's earthquake.
US Air Force photo: Master Sgt. Jeremy Lock

How to Help Haiti
Many design and architecture organizations are mobilizing for both immediate relief and long-term rebuilding programs. Consider supporting one of these efforts from non-profit groups.  


Banner image: Shown here January 16, an aerial view of downtown Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Makeshift shelters are being erected in open locations throughout the devastation following a 7.0-magnitude earthquake on January 12, 2010. US Air Force photos: Master Sgt. Jeremy Lock