Jonathan Gold eats clay pot rice at Nature Pagoda in San Gabriel

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Four mixed herb with black chicken soup from
Nature Pagoda in San Gabriel. Photo by Stan Lee.

Jonathan Gold has been eating at Nature Pagoda for over a decade. Once he got around to reviewing it, Gold found that the restaurant is the only place in the San Gabriel Valley specializing in clay pot rice. The variety of clay pots they offer is rather remarkable. Diners can order pots with fresh chicken and lily flowers, or fresh frog, as well as herbal soups made with crocodile meat. But the most important part of the meal, according to Gold, happens at the bottom of the pot.

Nature Pagoda: 312 W Valley Blvd, San Gabriel, CA 91776 | (626) 570-8333

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Preserved meat claypot rice at Nature Pagoda. Photo by Stan Lee.