The Market Report: Mandarins

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Our favorite fruit detective David Karp has been hot on the trail of three new mandarin varieties just hitting SoCal markets now. Keep your eyes peeled for the DaisySL; its intoxicating aromatics and perfect balance of sweetness and acidity make this "God's gift to citrus." That's high praise coming from a pomologist! With citrus season upon us here in the Golden State, lucky mandarin lovers can also lay their hands on two other seedless varieties: the grapefruit-sized Sumo and the Super Nova (a.k.a. Lee x Nova or the Novalee). Four years since planting their Lee x Novas at Friends Ranch in Ojai, grower Tony Ayala's trees have finally borne fruit. Catch these tasty citrus varieties while supplies last! To find out where, check out David Karp's LA Times round-up.

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