Africa in Paris, Afghani dumplings in Oz, dineLA

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Maimiche is a female-owned bakery in Paris that opened a second location last year. Lindsey Traumuta writes about the rise of female-owned businesses and the role of women in France in her book, “The New Parisienne.” Photo credit: Joann Pai

Resorting to armchair travel has been the ticket to escapism in 2020, and Good Food journeys across the globe this week. Lindsey Traumuta demystifies the female stereotype in France and shares the women on the rise in the City of Lights. Jacqueline Ngo Mpii invites discovery of African businesses in the French capital. Yemisi Aribisala reflects on Nigerian cuisine. Restaurateur Durkhanai Ayubi accounts her family’s immigration to Australia from Afghanistan. Also, dineLA starts in Los Angeles.



Evan Kleiman