Australia Here We Come!!

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Tonight, Evan and I are heading to Australia for two weeks!  We’ll be reporting from there via video and this blog; we’ll also be recording some segments.  We going for Tasting Australia, South Australia’s food and wine event which includes a trip to Barossa and Kangaroo Island.  We’re stopping in Melbourne on the way home.  They’re paying (Tourism Australia, that is) for our trip (flight and hotel) and they’ve set up some excursions for us.  We’d love to hear from you while we’re there.  If you have any ideas, thoughts, or recommendations, let us know.  We’ll be blogging (here on the Good Food blog), Facebooking, Tweeting (Evan is @evankleiman, I am @brooklynhells), and emailing (  Segment Producer Gillian Ferguson will be home minding the fort.