Asian Celebration

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On March 3, the Food Book Fair LA welcomed some of LA's top chefs and restaurateurs for a talk on pursuing their work as first-, second- and nth-generation Asian-Americans — and exploring the meaning of what has been called the rise of "Asian-American cuisine."


Natasha Phan - co-founder, chief marketing officer, 10 Grand Hospitality; co-author, “L.A. Son”, Charles Olalia - chef-owner of Rice Bar - @c_olalia, Ken Concepcion - Now Serving LA - @djgnocchi, Naoko Moore - chef, author, “Donabe”; owner of Toiro - @MrsDonabe, Oliver Wang - writer, scholar, DJ; professor of sociology, California State University-Long Beach

Evan Kleiman

Nick Liao, Rosalie Atkinson, Joseph Stone, Laryl Garcia