Fighting Crime One Tamale at a Time

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MacArthur Park

MacArthur Park

Mama's Storefront

Mama's Hot Tamale Cafe & Business Employment/Education Center

Sandi RomeroSandi Romero runs Mama's Hot Tamales Business Employment/Education Center and Mama's Hot Tamales Cafe.  The center was conceived as a program to help street vendors in and around MacArthur Park.  Currently it provides business training and financial assistance for food producers and entrepreneurs.

The cafe features a variety of tamales from members of the Business Employment/Education Center.

2124 W 7th St Los Angeles, CA 90057

(213) 487-7474


Mama's Hot Tamale Cafe

Mama's Hot Tamale Cafe


Mama's Kitchen

Chef Eviolet in the kitchen at Mama's


Steamer with Tamales

Tamales in the steamer