Cloned Beef

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Genetically modified foods have always been surrounded by controversy – and the recent declaration by the FDA that cloned beef is safe to eat is no exception.  Cloning a cow involves taking a nucleus from a donor cow’s cell and inserting it into an egg with its nucleus removed, thereby copying the donor cow’s genetic material.  This process is being used to develop a superior breed of cattle, whose offspring will be slaughtered for consumption.  Denise Caruso recently wrote an op-ed regarding cloning practices for the San Jose Mercury News.  She challenges the FDA’s claims, reporting that their risk-assessment methods are outdated and flawed.  She explains the cloning process and the potential risks for animals and humans.

Denise Caruso is Founder and Executive Director of The Hybrid Vigor Institute, a non-profit think tank dedicated to collaborative problem solving in the areas of infectious disease, environmental issues and the risks of science and technology breakthroughs.  She is also the author of INTERVENTION:  Confronting the Real Risks of Genetic Engineering and Life on a Biotech Planet.

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