Cocktail Creativity: The McNuggetini & The Ham Daiquiri

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Evan with Alie & Georgia

Alie and Georgia visited us here on Good Food the other day and they wowed us with their creative — and gross — cocktails.  For example, a ham daiquiri anyone?  How about a cranberry cocktail served with cubes of turkey and stuffing?  The videos, which features the two women demonstrating how to make their concoction, are all kinds of culinary vintage fun.  During the interview we taped that day, Evan joked with them about serving a drink in a shot glass made of ham.  When they left the studio, Lindy & Grundy were standing by to tape their interview — they are the new butchers in LA (their shop opens in December – hear their interview here).  Lindy & Grundy and Allie & Georgia hit it off instantly.  Maybe Lindy and Grundy will be the ones to make their ham shot glass.  (video after the jump)

Lindy & Grundy with Alie & Georgia