Congratulations to the 7th Annual KCRW Good Food Pie Contest Winners!

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Winners of the 7th Annual KCRW Good Food Pie Contest. (Photo by Caught in the Moment Photography)

Congratulations to all the winners of KCRW’s 7th Annual Good Food Pie Contest, which brought in 382 submissions this year. Pie contestants competed across a range of seven different categories ranging from Fruit, Savory, Cooked Custard, Cream, Nut and Vegan, along with a special “World” category, inspired by our event host, the Fowler Museum at UCLA.

As could only have been expected, the competition was fierce, with so many creative entries submitted for each of the categories. Pies were tasted, inspected and even lifted at times by several of our judges who were curious enough to check out the undersides of your pies! Thankfully, any pie fights were narrowly avoided and heated debates settled as pie peace was established over the following selections:

(L–R: Jonathan Gold, Rebecca Tosdevin and Evan Kleiman) Best in Show went to Rebecca Tosdevin’s Steak & Guinness Pie, which also won first place in the Savory category. (Photo by Caught in the Moment Photography.)

Best in Show: Steak & Guinness by Rebecca Tosdevin

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Sherry Yard awards Tracy DeVore the Best Crust award for her Pecan Espresso Chocolate Chip pie, which placed second in the Nut Category. (Photo by Caught in the Moment Photography)

Best Crust: Pecan Espresso Chocolate Chip by Tracy DeVore

2015 Pie - #100 Triple Berry Cabernet (Tracy DeVore)
Fruit category: Triple Berry Cabernet Pie by Tracy Devore.

First: Triple Berry Cabernet by Tracy DeVore
Second: Salted Caramel Apple by Nicole Bigley
Third: Blood Orange with Vanilla Bean by Annette Eason

2015 Pie - #341 Steak & Guinness (Rebecca Tosdevin)
Savory category: Steak & Guinness Pie by Rebecca Tosdevin (also awarded Best in Show).

First: Steak & Guinness by Rebecca Tosdevin
Second: Lemon Herb Chicken Pot Pie by Sarah Mahoney
Third: #Chicken Pot Pie by Amal Flores

2015 Pie - #364 Lemon Blueberry Icebox (Carolyn Wheeler)
Cooked Custard: Lemon Blueberry Icebox Pie by Carolyn Wheeler

Cooked Custard
First: Lemon Blueberry Icebox by Carolyn Wheeler
Second: Coconut Custard by Geoffrey Geib
Third: Indiana Sugar Pie by Michael Parsons

2015 Pie - #231 Salted Chocolate Mud Pie w Rye Crust (Melissa Merritt)
Cream pie: Salted Chocolate Mud Pie with Rye Crust by Melissa Merritt.

First: Salted Chocolate Mud Pie with Rye Crust by Melissa Merritt
Second: Chocolate Silk Pie with a Brown Butter Shortbread by Emel Shaikh
Third: Chocolate Caramel Cream Pie by Mark Mitchell

2015 Pie - #321 Bourbon Maple Pecan (Scott Smith)
Nut category: Bourbon Maple Pecan Pie by Scott Smith.

First: Bourbon Maple Pecan Pie by Scott Smith
Second: Pecan Espresso Chocolate Chip Pie by Tracy DeVore
Third: Chocolate Pecan Pie by Claudia Guevara

2015 Pie - #289 French Apple (Christopher Riedesel)
Vegan category: French Apple Pie by Christopher Riedesel.

First: French Apple Pie by Christopher Riedesel
Second: Bourbon Pear Frangipane by Jacqueline Pasche
Third: Vegan Peach & Berry Pie by Andrew Reilman

2015 Pie - #367 Yuzu Pie (Todd Whitford)
World category: Yuzu Pie by Todd Whitford.

First: Yuzu Pie by Todd Whitford
Second: Apple, Gogi Berry with Himalayan Honey & Sesame Pie by Lily Yu
Third: Southwest Ceylon Pumpkin, Bittersweet Chocolate Ganache, Cacao Nib, Pepita & Pine Brittle Pie by Sarah Bromell

2015 Pie Judges
It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta judge the KCRW Good Food Pie Contests! See all of you next year!