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The word opus is usually used in a musical sense but it can also mean artistic works on a large scale, exactly what Jonathan Gold found on his recent trip to Opus restaurant.  Opus is the latest stop for chef Joseph Centeno, a talented and skillful veteran of some of the finest kitchens in California.  At Opus, he has created a tasting menu – a seemingly endless array of chef’s choice dishes that run $10 each.  During his visit, Jonathan treated himself to 10 courses, including a puree of poblanos with broth and hazelnuts garnished with halved grapes and crispy cubes of pork belly; diced hamachi dressed with white soy sauce, garnished with a scoop of celery sorbet; and their signature dish, The Egg -- an egg shell filled with Cream of Wheat, mixed with chopped bacon and drizzled with a little honey, underneath which sits a barely poached egg.

Opus Restaurant
3760 Wilshire Blvd.

Los Angeles

Music -- Hang on Little Tomato -- Pink Martini