Finding Mumbai in LA; Mercury Poisoning; Beer Chicks

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Chicks are brewing their own beer says bartender and home brewer Nathalie BalandranPeter Langenstein buys wine from a negociant -- a high-priced name for a bargain situation. Mira Advani says the route to Mumbai from LA is a short drive down the freeway.  Restaurants are popping up all over LA and Lesley Balla gives us a few to try.  What can happen when you eat a can of tuna every day for five years? Bad things. Stephanie Mencimer traces the beaurocratic maze that regulates canned tuna. Chef Michael Cimarusti loves the fish soup known as boullaibase.  Kallari Chocolate's Judy Logback found that small steps can improve the lives of the Ecuadoreans who grow cacao for the company. Plus Laura Avery talks with chef DJ Olsen about blood oranges and she samples Miner's Lettuce.

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